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Jan Moesen's bookmarklets

Time-saving and life-enhancing (ahem) bookmarklets.

Installation instructions

Download bookmarks.html and import it into your bookmarks manager. (Follow the instructions for your browser(s) of choice: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.)

Source code

You can clone the project with Git by running:

git clone git://

Browser compatibility

The bookmarklets I use the most (“Readable++”, “« Previous” and “Next »”) work fine in most top browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


I use Firefox for work and leisure, and all bookmarklets should work in the latest stable release. (Firefox 50, as of this writing.)

The bookmarklets work mostly fine on Firefox for Android, except that you cannot always use the associated keywords. E.g., while tapping the "Readable++" bookmark from the menu works fine, typing read into the Awesomebar and then tapping the "Go" button does not.


The imported bookmarklets mostly work fine, but Chrome (I have tested Chromium 51.0.2683.0) does something weird with the keywords. When the bookmarklet code contains a %s placeholder, Chrom{e,ium} does not add it as a normal bookmark, but converts it into a custom “search engine”.

When you type e.g. “map” in the location bar, followed by Google HQ, it will run the Google Maps bookmarklet with the parameter set to Google HQ. However, when you do not specify a parameter, e.g. when you simply type “2nl” (for “Translate to Dutch”), the bookmarklet will not be executed.

Howeverer, when the bookmarklet code does not contain a %s placeholder, as is the case with “Readable++” and several others, a normal bookmark will be created, which you can then add to your Bookmarks toolbar.


Safari (my version: 9.1.1 (9537.86.6.17)) does not allow you to add keywords to bookmark(let)s. Furthermore, several bookmarklets do not seem to work at all. Probably some unsupported JavaScript syntax and/or APIs. I hardly ever use Safari, so I'm just happy that “Readable++”, “« Previous” and “Next »” work.


"Old" Opera (up to and including Opera 12)

The imported bookmarklets work fine and even keep their keywords, but Opera does not allow you to combine keywords with parameters. E.g., for the Google Images search, you cannot do img foo bar. Instead, you have to enter img, and then type foo bar in the dialog box.

"New" Opera (based on Blink)

I have not tried this yet. Feel free to do so and let me know.